Our services are structured around your needs and our methods.

What does a coach bring you?

·       The right international and interdisciplinary experience

·       First-hand knowledge of what it means to work with executive management pressure and /  or the responsibility of ownership or rethink your own professional career

·       The academic background to analyze and understand your specific needs, intellectually as well as emotionally, to help you work out new opportunities and options in times of transitions


Individual change - creative personal branding:

From a springboard session to implementation (3-6 months) this intense, insightful and efficient process teaches you how to navigate the complexity of the world of work.

We believe that no time is better spent than that thinking and designing your future to reposition yourself.  Honesty, openness, hard work and ability to accept failure as part of the game is a key for this process. It is not all easy. But it's magical to watch when individuals connect with their potential, identify new opportunities and envision new options.


Group dynamics - business design thinking:

Training in how to navigate cultural and professional diversity to change organizations. Our one day workshop is a great starter for any organizational change management programme.

Leading and being led is challenging, intellectually as well as emotionally, in today’s flat company hierarchies in which roles and functions overlap. Leading and being led is challenging, intellectually as well as emotionally. Learning how to facilitate through collaboration and co-creation also teaches you how to engage with people, take advantage of their talent and increase empathy with your collaborators.  In this and other ways we help you learn how to define common ground, a vision, a mission, values, rules and regulations that define team’s modus operandi and guarantee better results.


Troubleshooting – pulling growth from change:

All kinds of changes come unexpectedly that have a deep impact on our lives. What do we recommend when the going is tough? Stop, pause, reflect, reframe and then create.

We help you to start this process by giving you a framework for dealing with change and turning it into growth. In one-on-one sessions or one-day workshops. These are inspirational, insightful, inclusive and engaging sessions aimed at fast change in thinking and acting.