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personalized professional development

We work with you to change your profile, positioning and personal growth.

We are based in Barcelona, but our clients come from around the world.

We offer:

  • a confidential and innovative space where you can envision change

  • tools and methods, in-depth feedback, inspirational insights and personalized guidance


Why? We believe that change is challenging. And we are convinced that it is hard for professionals, however successful, to make the changes they need alone. We think coaches or facilitators can help bring about such change.

We have worked with governments, universities, businesses, ONGs, start-ups and individuals. We are specialists in executive coaching and clients in the creative economy.

All are equally important to us.


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How We Work

We focus on growth through changes in the way you think and act.


We work in sessions, one-on-one or in groups, applying the principles of:

  • creative leadership development
  • business design thinking
  • brand positioning strategies

We offer clear objectives, design- and business acumen, honest feedback, visualization of opportunities and efficient tools for personal, brand and leadership development.

The outcome:

  • a deeper understanding of context
  • better communication with your colleagues and connections
  • personal, professional and, if you wish, profitable growth

What Services Do We Offer?

Our services are structured around your needs and our methods.


What does a facilitator bring you?

  • The right international and interdisciplinary experience
  • First-hand knowledge of what it means to work with executive management pressure and / or the responsibility of ownership and / or rethink your professional path
  • The academic background to analyze and understand your specific needs, intellectually as well as emotionally, to help you work out new opportunities and options in times of transition
  • The tools for organizational and individual change, innovation and learning in companies, organizations and institutions

Individual change: 
creative personal branding

From a springboard session to implementation (3-6 months) this intense, insightful and efficient process teaches you how to navigate the complexity of the world of work.

We believe that no time is better spent than that thinking and designing your future to reposition yourself.  Honesty, openness, hard work and ability to accept failure as part of the game is a key for this process. It is not all easy. But it's magical to watch when individuals connect with their potential, identify new opportunities and envision new options.


Group dynamics:        business design thinking

Training in how to navigate cultural and professional diversity to change organizations.

Our one day workshop is a great starter for any organizational change management program.
Leading and being led is challenging, intellectually as well as emotionally, in today’s flat company hierarchies in which roles and functions overlap. Learning how to facilitate through collaboration and co-creation also teaches you how to engage with people, take advantage of their talent and increase empathy with your collaborators.  In this and other ways we help you learn how to define common ground, a vision, a mission, values, rules and regulations that define team’s modus operandi.

Troubleshooting:       pulling growth from change

All kinds of changes come unexpectedly that have a deep impact on our lives.

What do we recommend when the going is tough? Stop, pause, reflect, reframe and then create.
We help you to start this process by giving you a framework for dealing with change and turning it into growth. In one-on-one sessions or one-day workshops. These are inspirational, insightful, inclusive and engaging sessions aimed at fast change in thinking and acting.



Who Are Our Clients?

We are based in Barcelona, but our client base is international.

We offer full confidentiality to all our clients who require it

They come from sectors right across the economy: Education, Healthcare, Energy, Fashion, Banking, Sports, Media

All our clients are equally important to us.

Jürgen does not provide you with a walking stick to lean on, however Jürgen walks along with you, in order to make you strong enough to walk by yourself, strong enough to make the changes needed, which is a great blessing indeed.
— Nynke Fennema, Owner of Thisiskoos.com
When I think of Jürgen I see a passionate visionary, dedicated teacher and brilliant person. Someone who asks the right questions and keeps his coaches creative and connected with their inner potential.
— Aleksandra Skrzypek, Customer Sales Coordinator at Agilent Technologies
To work with Jürgen is like driving a German Executive car: reliable, efficient, comfortable, and a lot of fun.
— Andreas von Estorff, Owner of Productionparadise.com
Jürgen is a dedicated and passionate business designer and entrepreneur. His passion to confront the status quo and disrupt existing process inspired me to pursue different approach to problem solving and innovation.
— Song Chae, Design Manager at Canto 91, South Korea

About Jürgen

Facilitator and coach with extensive experience in education, design and business.

Jürgen Salenbacher currently teaches in Barcelona (IED), Luzern (HSLU), and Stockholm (Hyper Island). He is a facilitator and coach with extensive experience in education, design and business.

He is also a specialist in design, branding and the creative economy, about which he wrote his first book Creative Personal Branding (2010), now in its fifth edition.

Previously, in Barcelona, he was Academic Director of IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and Director of Strategy of Global Healthcare. In his earlier career in Germany, he was Director of Marketing of The Performers and Founder and Managing Partner of D-Office.

His passion is to bring together his business and design experience with his expertise in workshops and coaching to help professionals and teams understand their motivation, innovate, enhance individual careers and personal development.

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We support:



We look for a shared understanding of values, ethics and responsibility. 

How do you start?

Just send us an email to set up a free first session. That way we can listen to your specific situation and explain to you how we would approach it.

For us it is important to know you have chosen us with care. We look for a shared understanding of values, ethics and responsibility.

We recommend you to talk to different service providers before making your final choice.

Always make sure you are going to work with the right person. You will know who they are.

The rest is trust.

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